Carbon Offsets for Air Travel

Recently Daniel and I were talking about our overall footprints we leave on this world right now – both positive and negative. Living today is unbelievably rich with opportunity and experience, we as humans are naturally consuming more because it is in our DNA & society. However, we must consume with ever more awareness about every decision and the full impact / lifecycle of the goods or services that bring us joy.

Travel is one of the most life changing and enhancing things that a human being can do today. Simply opening your eyes, ears and heart to different societies and peoples widens every part of your being. Without travel and interconnectedness, we would be bereft of compassion that extends past prejudice and possibly the ability to see the universe as a whole rather than within a specific ideology.

Unfortunately Travel comes with some great environmental costs right now. We want to share some ideas and resources to discuss all of us traveling as consciously as possible today.


Your Guide to Airline Carbon Offset Programs

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